Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of the biggest names in Hollywood. With such fame, though, it seems that things like the Jennifer Aniston nose job are almost a foregone conclusion. It is very difficult to find an actress in Hollywood who has not had artificial help with her appearance and even beloved Jenny could not resist the temptation. Nevertheless, the A-list actress has maintained her cool, sophisticated look and is still a darling of the masses.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Rhinoplasty

The Jennifer Aniston nose job is perhaps the most obvious procedure that the actress had done to her face. The result is rather striking and perhaps, she may have realized that it was so obvious to deny. The rhinoplasty that she had is the only surgery that Jenny ever accepted to have done and she even went ahead to say that she had had a repeat procedure.

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery before after

In a TV interview with Conan O’Brien, Jennifer admitted to have had the procedure after the interviewer commented on her flawless look. She even asserted that after the first rhinoplasty, she was not pleased with the results. This left her with the option of going for a repeat rhinoplasty which she promptly did. (more…)

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