Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of the biggest names in Hollywood. With such fame, though, it seems that things like the Jennifer Aniston nose job are almost a foregone conclusion. It is very difficult to find an actress in Hollywood who has not had artificial help with her appearance and even beloved Jenny could not resist the temptation. Nevertheless, the A-list actress has maintained her cool, sophisticated look and is still a darling of the masses.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Rhinoplasty

The Jennifer Aniston nose job is perhaps the most obvious procedure that the actress had done to her face. The result is rather striking and perhaps, she may have realized that it was so obvious to deny. The rhinoplasty that she had is the only surgery that Jenny ever accepted to have done and she even went ahead to say that she had had a repeat procedure.

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery before after

In a TV interview with Conan O’Brien, Jennifer admitted to have had the procedure after the interviewer commented on her flawless look. She even asserted that after the first rhinoplasty, she was not pleased with the results. This left her with the option of going for a repeat rhinoplasty which she promptly did. She did not, however, admit to taking other cosmetic surgeries. But, many sources claimed that she got boob job done too. Link to one such source –

Jennifer’s nose is slimmer and more defined at the tip. This has given her face a unique beauty which has certainly served her well in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston boob job

Aside from the nose job which she readily admitted, Jennifer seems to have had her breasts augmented as well. This is because there are before and after pictures which point to fuller breasts. Jenny was not very blessed in the boobs department and we remember her being somewhat flat up there.

Jennifer Aniston boob job

However, keen fans and critics have noticed that her breasts seem fuller and her overall figure has been done a great deal of goodness by the change. Nevertheless, she is yet to confirm ever having had such a procedure.

Jennifer Aniston lip augmentation

One of the features of Jennifer’s face that most people remember from her earlier years is the fact that she had rather thin lips. This is a quality that many people associate with less beauty as the female face is often envisioned with plump, luscious lips. (Hint: If you want something similar, you should learn about┬áMindy Kaling’s successful lip job)

Jennifer Aniston lips

Jennifer must have felt the need to inflate her lips a little because of late, she has full, attractive lips; especially for someone nearing the fifty years mark. Nevertheless, it seems the surgeon that did the procedure on her was a pro because the change is rather subtle.

Jennifer Aniston received much international acclaim for playing the role of Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends. This role earned her a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. The character of Rachel was hugely popular and became enlisted in 100 of the top female characters on American television.

She has also played in other successful hits like Bruce Almighty and Marley and Me. 2012 saw her win a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today, she is amongst the highest paid Hollywood actresses. People Magazine named her The World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2004.

Her life also got into the spotlight during her split from husband Brad Pitt. The pair was the most-talked about celebrity couple in Hollywood until Angelina Jolie waltzed into their lives. Working together with Brad Pitt, Angelina managed to slice the love from Aniston who was heartbroken. Nevertheless, she bounced back from the setback and continued with her acting ways. Today, she is married to Justin Theroux who is a handsome heartthrob.

Hopefully, as she gets older, Aniston will resist the temptation for more and more procedures which usually end up being disastrous for a person’s looks. In case, we have always like her modest demeanour.

Personal Details:

Full Name: Jennifer Joanna Aniston
Nationality: American
Occupation: Actress, producer, businesswoman
Net worth: $150 million
Marital status: Married

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