It is not surprising to me at all why Rihanna is famous.

If you still listen to the radio, and let’s be honest a lot of people don’t anymore, you may be surprised to know that one of the most popularly played songs is by Rihanna. Why the surprise? This comes from the fact that this particular song, “Love on the Brain”, does not have the usual energetic tone and pulsing beat she is more widely recognized for.

In fact, “Love on the Brain” is almost ballad-like, with the soulful singing and almost melancholic notes. No, this is not your usual Rihanna fare. Perhaps this is why it is so popular.

10 years after being first discovered and Rihanna is still as popular as ever. But why? Why Rihanna is famous, especially considering the variety of musical talent that enters the market each year? There doesn’t seem to be a complicated equation for success.

Sexy Rihanna

As seen on Elite Celebs Mag, her success and fame comes from the fact that she is relatable to her fans in two distinct ways: professionally and personally.

Rihanna’s Professional Fame

Rihanna’s professional fame can be partly attributed to the smart business decisions of those around her. Her first single, “Pon de Replay” was a success for a variety of reasons, one being the extremely catchy and popular tune in the song. Rihanna’s song was also released when musical fans were being exposed to a similar style by Sean Paul.

Rihanna and Sean Paul
Rihanna and Sean Paul

Only a few months earlier in 2005, the hit song “We Be Burnin'” had been released by Sean Paul. That was followed closely by “Temperature” later in 2006. The fact that Rihanna was an artist with a similar style, only newer, younger, and more beautiful, certainly helped raise her into the national and international spotlight and can explain why Rihanna was so famous then.

Rihanna’s professional success continued as she created song after song, some songs using pop culture references, others representing a shift from the island sound that she first became famous for. The continued evolution of her music has allowed Rihanna’s fame to remain and even grown stronger as she has been able to appeal to and attract a wider variety of fans.

Rihanna’s Personal Fame

You have already found few answers why Rihanna is famous, right? Please continue reading. Rihanna is famous not only because of the immense success she had at the beginning of her career, but also because of the encounters she had in her personal life.

That Rihanna was a protégé of Jay-Z and, by extension, close to Beyoncé, another powerhouse female musician, is something that undoubtedly made her more prevalent to the public eye. This is especially true when rumors started swirling regarding a potential relationship between Rihanna and Jay-Z.

Rihanna and Jay Z

Rihanna’s own whirlwind romance with Chris Brown and the horrible fallout at the dissolution of that relationship also made her more personable. The combination of an increased presence in the public eye along with her experience in a personal issue that women and men unfortunately deal with at some point in their lives all combined to ensure that Rihanna found a quick place in America’s heart.

Rihanna’s decision to embrace social media and share personal moments from her life with her fans also endeared her to the music loving population, making Rihanna more famous.

Rihanna and Drake
Rihanna and Drake

Why is Rihanna so famous? The answer is simple. She has been able to maintain her appealing nature, both as an entertainer why continually challenges their own music and also as a celebrity who embraces her fame and fans.

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