Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery has given rise to lots of speculation from both the media and the public. It comes at a time when the lady who is in her mid- 50s, is also seeking divorce from her estranged husband Paul Hogan. She has joined a number of elderly women who strive to remain young and fresh.

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery

At 50s, women start to have wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and neck. Their breasts sag too, giving them an old look. While other ladies accept that with age all these changes have to take place, some would rather die before allowing a wrinkle to appear anywhere on their faces or necks. In short, they do not want to age gracefully but sometimes it doesn’t go well according to the plan.

Interesting facts about plastic surgery –

It is hard to say how women handled their features before plastic surgery was initiated. But after they found a way out, it has become the norm especially for celebrities. One main reason women go for these procedures is to keep their place in the society.

Those who wish to stay in the limelight must look their best to be accepted. For actors and actresses, winning a major role depends on one’s ability to ignite the public. While men too act and are not as extreme as women, they too become famous without much ado. So it becomes a matter of concern why women have to go to extremes to win recognition.

Linda is known for her role in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ alongside Paul Hogan. During their shoot, they fell in love, and it culminated into marriage. Together, they have a son who is 15 years old. Looking back to the co-actors then, no one knew they would fall apart as they seemed so much in love in 1986 when they starred together.

After their fall out, now Linda looks like a sweet sixteen. There have been rumors of having gone under the knife. A plastic surgery expert Dr. Michael Zacharia says the actress seems to have received dermal fillers and this could be the reason she is all plump on the face. Botox injections could be the reason the forehead is free from any traces of creases or wrinkles.

While Paul readily admits he had to undergo surgeries to get more roles in acting, Linda does not accept it, preferring to fool people that her youthful appearance is all because of Mother Nature’s own doing. Many of her fans have noticed the difference in her looks. Some say the surgery was a success while a good number thinks she has drastically changed in appearance. In fact, one person said her alterations were an outright disaster.

Well, everyone has got their opinion on her. But come to think of it, for someone in her 50s looking so young, a success could describe the whole procedure. Of course celebrities are never free from controversy. If it is not about marriage on the rocks, it is a plastic surgery that has backfired. The most interesting part is this; when it works out fine, there is the silence, if it backfires, they confirm people’s fears. Talk of the celebrity world.

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