Off Grid Wear is a very new organic clothing company with a pretty admirable mission: To save lives. After surfing around their website I was intrigued, I wanted to know more about what made them different from other organic companies and how I could help spread their message. I sent over a couple of questions and I wanted to share them here with you.

Cotton T-Shirt

What is Off Grid Wear and how did it come about?

Michael Newsom founded Off Grid Wear in 2013 with the express purpose of creating a product that preserves the planet while practicing Fair Trade policies. “We believe there is a difference between ‘Cruel cotton’ and ‘Cool cotton’,” says Newsom. Off Grid Wear is an organic clothing company that sells “clothing with conscience.” Our products are made with 100% organic cotton and low-impact dyes, which reduces the amount of harmful toxins introduced into both your body and the environment.

Our agenda is to demonstrate Cool cotton’s superiority to Cruel cotton. Cruel cotton is how we at Off Grid Wear refer to conventionally grown cotton. We call it cruel because it is made with synthetic fertilizers, deadly pesticides and GMOs. Cool cotton is Off Grid Wears’ reference to organic cotton. We call it cool because it is produced with stringent organic farming methods that preserve the land, water and air. Off Grid Wear is also made with Fair Trade practices which protect the rights of farm workers.

Why is it important to consider buying not just organic food, but clothing as well?

The cotton industry disproportionally relies on harmful chemicals. The fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides used in the production of cotton seep into the ground and enter the food chain through well water. Washing your clothes rarely eliminates these carcinogens; what few contaminants are removed enter the water supply. Also, the cottonseed oil used in conventionally grown cotton contains these toxins and that oil goes directly into the food chain in packaged cookies and chips.

If that is not enough, synthetic fertilizers used in conventional cotton production emit nitrous oxide (N20) gases into the biosphere which are 310 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide (C02).

Synthetic fertilizers also strip the soil and render it non-sustainable–meaning there is a surplus of water run-off making the soil unfarmable whereas organic (compost and animal waste) fertilizers replenish the soil and do not have excess run off. The runoff contains carcinogenic toxins.

These are a few of the reasons all of us should consider buying organic clothing.

What makes Off Grid Wear different from other organic clothing companies?

Off Grid Wear has the vision of making organic cotton (or organic materials) mainstream. Thus, we have partnered with Biosphere Take 2 and we are looking at possibly partnering with other companies to make this possible. Ten percent of our revenue goes to support this goal of raising awareness about the impact each buying choice has upon others and the environment. Knowledge is contagious, so we believe the American people will make the decision to buy organic once they realize how each shirt can save lives.

In addition, some companies use a combination of non-organic and organic cotton while others use a combination of half recycled plastic and half organic. Off Grid Wear’s clothes contain 95-100% organic cotton. And the cotton we use is always certified 100% organic.

Last, but not least, though we are an environmentally friendly company, we are still a clothing company, first and foremost. We can’t make much of a difference if no one wants to wear our shirts. So, we will be the green company that offers great customer service and stylish designs.

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