Side swept bangs are among the most popular hair styling methods among women who want to make a subtle – yet clear – statement as to how they feel about themselves. This is because side swept bangs, while definitely not too conspicuous, tend to send a subtle message that the wearer is both ‘sexy’ and comfortable with herself: especially when she happens to be talking with someone, and then seemingly ‘subconsciously’ flips a part of the side swept bangs.

Side Swept Bangs on a Long Bob
Side Swept Bangs on a Long Bob

One of the most remarkable things with side-swept bang, which sets them apart from most other hair styling methods, is that they can work with almost any type of hair. Whether your hair is the soft variety or the tougher variety common with people, you can be sure that side swept bangs will work just as well with you.

Another remarkable thing about side swept bangs is that they work with hair of all lengths expect, of course, very short hair which can’t be ‘swept’. It is nonetheless people with medium sized hair who tend to find the side-swept bang more appealing, but even if your hair is very long, you can work the front part of it into the side swept bangs.

Side swept bangs, by the way, are really not hard to acquire. If you hair is rough though, rough as opposed to silky, that is, you would have to first smoothen it before you can work it into the side-swept bangs. Once your hair is smooth – whether that is the default state of it, or whether that is something you work it into – the next step towards attaining the side swept bang would be employ a brush the round variety to ‘bang’ the hair from one side to the other. At this stage, you do need to make use of a blow dryer to attain the perfect results, regardless of whether your hair is the softer variety or the hardier variety.

Incidentally, if you hair happens to be of a length that you feel cannot be comfortably worked into side swept bangs, the thing to do would be to add the available extensions to it – and then work the ‘extended’ hair you so acquire into the side-swept bangs. The result is basically the same, yet you have not had to go to the pains of growing your hair really long.

To complete the look that the side-swept bang confers to you, you might have to consider incorporating ‘waves’ into the hair. The effect of doing this would be further smoothening of the hair, making the side swept bang even sexier when viewed from the front. The look can be further enhanced by adding some ‘sheen’ to the hair using one of the available hair shining products: and you will just have to love the look of it.

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