Covergirl XL Nail Gel

Hello everybody! Today I will be sharing with you another New Found Favourite and once again it’s a drugstore product so I know you’ll all be happy about that. These are the Covergirl XL nail gels. When I first received this, my attention was immediately focused on how gorgeous the dark reddish plum shade was [ 850, rotund raspberry ] which is definitely my favourite out of the three. Trying these babies definitely broke my habit of having white nails 24/7.

Most of you probably don’t know but I’ve been obsessed with painting my nails white for the past 6 months and I still am but it was so fun to try out some new colours and experiment with them. I ended up actually really loving these and have become a tad obsessed with how amazing they are. Just to let you know, these were sent to me along with a few other products but I’m not getting paid to say good things about these! I genuinely love these.

Covergirl XL Nail Gel Review

As most of you know, my holy grail mascara is by Covergirl’s Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara but other than that, I never really had much stuff from Covergirl. However, this really makes me want to try more of their range!

The three shades that I had were overblown orange, plumped up plum and rotund raspberry.
Like I said, the last one is definitely my favourite. You could probably get these in any other brand but what really struck me and made me fall in love with these are the consistency, staying power and pigmentation of these.

The only down side is the fact that they only have 9 shades at the moment which is a bummer because I’d love to see more shades and I’m hoping that they release more. I really want to try the one in “Bodacious Berry” which I think is a gorgeous dark purple shade for the winter. You should definitely check it out the next time you’re in Priceline.

The colour is so true to the way it is in the bottle and I personally only use two coats. There’s just something about the application of this that makes it so much easier. I find that it’s much thicker and much more even when applied on. I can’t even tell you how amazed I am by these due to the fact that they are a drugstore brand and they’re so affordable too. Below are photos to show how long they last for. (No top or bottom coat used)


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Covergirl XL Nail Gel Reviews

My nail polish usually chips after about 3 days due to the fact that I’m always washing my hands in hot water and showering in hot water but I’m still mind blown that this lasted for a whole 5 days.

Once again, don’t worry guys! I’m not getting paid to say good things about these, they did get sent to me but I genuinely love them!




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