Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is the daughter to the late pop icon, Michael Jackson. Ever since her father died, she has perhaps called more attention to herself than her other two siblings combined. She has even featured in family disputes pitting her uncles against each other or their mother; her grandmother!

The latest rumour surrounding the 16 year old is that of a possibility of pregnancy. There even are allegations that Paris is engaged. Apparently, the teenager’s pregnancy rumours emanate from a photo angle that showed her to be having a baby bump.

The family of the teenager has however come up in arms and denied any truth to the rumours of her being pregnant or even engaged. They have put the blame of the genesis of these rumours on low-level tabloids and a bad photo that generated much furore over nothing. They have even gone ahead to label the pregnancy rumours as being “rude an ridiculous”. It is worthy to note that the rumours began swirling after the teenager was seen at a restaurant in Los Angeles in the company of her boyfriend; the one she is allegedly engaged to. It is alleged that she opted to make a celebratory toast with water rather than wine that day. This definitely fanned the fires of the rumours as there was no concrete reason why she would not opt for wine.

Sources close to the teenager have come to the defence of the girl saying that she is still recovering from the burden of an attempted suicide and adding teenage motherhood to the fray would be disastrous. Paris has been in rehab after an attempted suicide and is recovering after a drug overdose. She was hospitalised in June of 2013 after an attempted suicide by overdosing on painkillers. She even cut up her wrists ostensibly to make her bleed to death.

The teenager had penned a suicide note and was saved after she called a suicide hotline in the aftermath of taking the pills. Apparently, the teenager was upset that her grandmother would not allow her to attend a certain concert. Some sources, however, put the blame of attempted suicide on the stress following her late father’s demise. It has been known though that for a while, the girl had a troubled relationship with her grandmother. Hopefully, the teenager will not follow the path of young, famous personalities who make a name for themselves because of troubled lives; like Amanda Bynes.

Even more hopefully, the teenager will find the right help that she needs at a young age before everything goes haywire. Her two brothers have managed to largely stay out of drama and she ought to do the same!

All the same, fans, critics and the media all will have to wait for more truth to unravel before they determine whether or not she is pregnant! This is assuming she will not procure an abortion. Many people will agree that someone needs to talk sense to the girl to have her take it easy, study and stay out of the limelight that she inherited from her father!




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