Paris Jackson’s Pregnancy Rumours

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is the daughter to the late pop icon, Michael Jackson. Ever since her father died, she has perhaps called more attention to herself than her other two siblings combined. She has even featured in family disputes pitting her uncles against each other or their mother; her grandmother!

The latest rumour surrounding the 16 year old is that of a possibility of pregnancy. There even are allegations that Paris is engaged. Apparently, the teenager’s pregnancy rumours emanate from a photo angle that showed her to be having a baby bump.

The family of the teenager has however come up in arms and denied any truth to the rumours of her being pregnant or even engaged. They have put the blame of the genesis of these rumours on low-level tabloids and a bad photo that generated much furore over nothing. They have even gone ahead to label the pregnancy rumours as being “rude an ridiculous”. It is worthy to note that the rumours began swirling after the teenager was seen at a restaurant in Los Angeles in the company of her boyfriend; the one she is allegedly engaged to. It is alleged that she opted to make a celebratory toast with water rather than wine that day. This definitely fanned the fires of the rumours as there was no concrete reason why she would not opt for wine.

Sources close to the teenager have come to the defence of the girl saying that she is still recovering from the burden of an attempted suicide and adding teenage motherhood to the fray would be disastrous. Paris has been in rehab after an attempted suicide and is recovering after a drug overdose. She was hospitalised in June of 2013 after an attempted suicide by overdosing on painkillers. She even cut up her wrists ostensibly to make her bleed to death.

The teenager had penned a suicide note and was saved after she called a suicide hotline in the aftermath of taking the pills. Apparently, the teenager was upset that her grandmother would not allow her to attend a certain concert. Some sources, however, put the blame of attempted suicide on the stress following her late father’s demise. It has been known though that for a while, the girl had a troubled relationship with her grandmother. Hopefully, the teenager will not follow the path of young, famous personalities who make a name for themselves because of troubled lives; like Amanda Bynes.

Even more hopefully, the teenager will find the right help that she needs at a young age before everything goes haywire. Her two brothers have managed to largely stay out of drama and she ought to do the same!

All the same, fans, critics and the media all will have to wait for more truth to unravel before they determine whether or not she is pregnant! This is assuming she will not procure an abortion. Many people will agree that someone needs to talk sense to the girl to have her take it easy, study and stay out of the limelight that she inherited from her father!

Plastic Surgery Done Perfectly on Sally Field!

Sally Field plastic surgery

Sally Field’s plastic surgery is a topic that is being discussed thoroughly in the media because of Sally’s changed looks. She is a very famous actress and has many awards and laurels in her kitty for her excellent acting in Hollywood over the years. She has been a part of movies like Forrest Gump, Lincoln, Mrs. Doubtfire, Murphy’s romance. These classics have helped her establish herself in the industry well and have a huge fan base, her fans have always been pleased with her and never been disappointed with her. Here we give you a gist of Sally Field’s information- her vital statistics and her personal information.

After Sally Field’s plastic surgery, she openly revealed in the media that she had indeed gone under a certain number of cosmetic surgeries unlike many actresses who claim that their artificially toned features are natural. For example, Rumer Willis never agreed that she has gone under the knife. But, pictures tell different story –

Plastic surgeries have become a new way in which people are giving themselves makeovers. It is a very recent trend but an obsession for it is recent. Even though it is painful, people are not refraining from taking up this procedure and are more lured by the outcome of it. Appearances make a lot of difference in today’s world. It is not only important to have a good appearance but also to have the right appeal. People judge you by the way you carry yourself and to have a good impression you should present yourself well.

Cosmetic surgeries and treatments have become a lot more advanced than it was before. It has become very popular amongst the celebrities and people concerned with the showbiz. Everyone wants to have perfect figures though the definition of perfect is not known yet. The look after the surgery must be thoroughly studied as there have been cases when people have regretted adopting the plastic surgery for establishing changes in their body features.

Wow she has been under a plethora of surgeries!

Face Lift and Neck Lift

Of course, these new comers will take a lot of time to reach Sally’s place in the industry but also will have a clear advantage over Sally because of their youthful looks. So that this discrepancy doesn’t arrive, she has gotten herself a face lift and a neck lift. Wrinkles have got been ridden of and all the other aging signs too (more before and after pictures).


She has also undergone various Botox injections so that she can hold her position in the industry. Her only intention was to compete with the younger ones in the industry and she has also claimed how painful the process was and how her purpose was too strong for her to not undergo this process of plastic surgery. Her surgery has been perfect- neither too much nor too less. The way the artificial improvements have blended with the natural look is what is making her look so good and graceful. Such grace after a plastic surgery has been seldom noticed among celebrities. Sally Field is lucky to have had so much success in this endeavor.

Though plastic surgeries can give you youthful looks, it is important that you undergo them after being fully informed about its effects completely. The surgeries should be done in a manner that your natural beauty isn’t stolen away. The various risks should also be taken into account. The surgery should be done under someone who has a lot of experience. Sally Field took care that she followed the necessary requirements and got herself great plastic surgeries. It is necessary that you do not get swayed away by the pros of plastic surgeries but also weigh out the cons before taking any decision.

Plastic Surgery Is More Of A Necessity To Many Female Celebrities In America

Jennifer Hudson:

Jennifer Kate Hudson was born on 12th September, 1981. The American singer has tried her luck on two other professions such as those of an actress and spokesperson. In 2004, she earned fame by becoming a finalist American Idol’s third season in which she came in seventh place. Jennifer Hudson seemed to suffer from her ‘big body‘ nightmare that is typical to any celebrity who has to appear before audiences so many times a year.

Jennifer Hudson

Just when the singer managed to transform her above average build into a considerably skinner physique, many people started talking about her once bulky appearance that was almost twice as much bigger as the new found one.

Her passion – Only music or weight loss?

Quite surprisingly, big-bodied Jennifer made it successful to lose as much as 80 pounds in just a few months. The event provide adequate factors to celebrity watchers who raised a hue and cry that the celebrity must have adopted an instant solution to get her present body that is now no less attractive than a highly anticipated celebrity physique. It was not her body shape that was the only point of interest. Her face which has no dent lips now was also important to those who talked about her.

Her un-dent lips– An additional force to the rumor:

Being an avid follower of weight loss solutions, Hudson successfully minimized her body size to an astounding 12, but little dent on the lips was still an issue that did the worst thing when she starred ‘Dreamgirls’ in which the dent made poor lighting on her face.

Since she cannot just have her face without the lips, she was compelled to demolish the dent anyway, and cosmetic surgery became a quintessential thing for her.

Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s butt is truly creating lots of buzz in media. Want to know how she transformed her entire body? Check out how Nicki Minaj looked before surgery and compare with her current pictures. Either you would say ‘WTF’ or you would be amazed.

Calista Flockhart:

Calista Flockhart

Calista Kay Flockhart, the ex-wife of actor Harrison Ford, was born on 11th November, 1964. The American actress is said to enjoy popularity just because of two reasons such as her relationship with Harrison Ford and her title role on Ally McBeal, a comedy-drama series run by Fox Television. The former is the more significant of the two reasons. It was her nice, pretty countenance and charming personality that made the Big Hollywood actor fall in love with her. In the words of Harrison, her beauty was simply mind-blowing. Such a scintillating beauty is not free of stains from rumors that her beauty is not the gift from the God but the result of several plastic surgeries.

Any connection between her success and rumored cosmetic procedures?

Calista Flockhart is also famous for her role as Kitty Walker McCallister on Brothers & Sisters, one of the ABC dramas. While her career is not as long-standing as a few other female celebrities, she bagged a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award. She was also nominated for the Emmy Awards three times.

Apart from her fame as a distinguished actress, she is also known to have been suffering from eating disorders which might have taken a heavy toll on her face as well as body. That is why, people insisted that she had to undergo at least three different procedures like cheek implant, rhinoplasty and lip augmentation which after being in combination gave her a pair of fuller lips, fresher cheeks and a thinner nose.

Even plastic surgeons would believe that she had used dermal filler like restylane or collagen, juvedem and an advanced rhinoplasty procedure that changed the large and bulbous nose into a pinched nose.

Robin MC Graw’s Message of Empowerment to Women

Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil
Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil

Most celebrity marriages often end up rocky, but the one between Phil and Robin McGraw is different. After so many years together, the two love birds can still look at each other and smile affectionately. This does not mean they have not had their ups and downs along the way, as Robin’s husband is quick to quip. Phil says they have had their fair share of problems like all families do. But their commitment and love for one another has seen them through all of it. Robin and Phil have principles which they put into practice and have worked for both of them.

Robin McGraw is often invited to colleges and other institutions to speak to mostly women. She is a known philanthropist whose proceeds from certain books go to charity. She also speaks on many forums including workshops, seminars and women empowerment programs. In almost all Dr. Phil shows, the face of Robin is conspicuous. Her contributions to the show have been embraced by millions of viewers worldwide. In the shows, she discusses a variety of issues including her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Apart from her husband’s shows, Robin is a frequent guest to her son’s show- The Doctors. Her contribution here has been immense, and plenty of households are said to have been blessed by her inspirational pieces. In her work, she strives to help women deal with challenges that face them each day. In the Dr. Phil foundation, she is a board member. Robin is the spokesperson for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children). The network helps train, recruit, and supports volunteers in representing children’s best interest, especially those that are abused, neglected and abandoned.

Robin was named the spokesperson for Girl Scouts in the US in September 2014. Her major focus here is to assist girls to discover their potential and be empowered. She has lent her voice in this mission. Other than the missions in which she has been chosen to be part of, McGraw has her own foundation, When Georgia Smiled. Through it, she has set out to bring about real change meant to help domestic violence victims and those who are sexually assaulted live full lives. The foundation came was launched in October of 2013. Its introduction program was The Aspire Initiative. This is a domestic program that aims to bring down to zero level if possible the rate of intimate violence in the US.

In November of 2014, her effort to bring change to her country was recognized and consequently she was named the Annual Knock Out Abuse Gala’s Honoree. The 21st annual event was held in Washington DC. The Starlight Foundation also recognized her role in helping raise funds for both children and women in real need.

Robin has been married to husband Dr. Phil for over 38 years. They have two boys; Jay, 34 and Jordan, 27. They talked about their love affair that began when Robin visited Phil’s sister. The little affair culminated into marriage that has blossomed with love all through the years. Robin is also the author of several inspirational books.