Robin MC Graw’s Message o Empowerment to Women

Most celebrity marriages often end up rocky, but the one between Phil and Robin McGraw is different. After so many years together, the two love birds can still look at each other and smile affectionately. This does not mean they have not had their ups and downs along the way, as Robin’s husband is quick to quip.

Phil says they have had their fair share of problems like all families do. But their commitment and love for one another has seen them through all of it. Robin and Phil have principles which they put into practice and have worked for both of them.

Robin McGraw plastic surgery before and after

Robin McGraw plastic surgery before and after

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Robin McGraw is often invited to colleges and other institutions to speak to mostly women. She is a known philanthropist whose proceeds from certain books go to charity. She also speaks on many forums including workshops, seminars and women empowerment programs. In almost all Dr. Phil shows, the face of Robin is conspicuous. Her contributions to the show have been embraced by millions of viewers worldwide. In the shows, she discusses a variety of issues including her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Apart from her husband’s shows, Robin is a frequent guest to her son’s show- The Doctors. Her contribution here has been immense, and plenty of households are said to have been blessed by her inspirational pieces. In her work, she strives to help women deal with challenges that face them each day. In the Dr. Phil foundation, she is a board member. Robin is the spokesperson for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children). The network helps train, recruit, and supports volunteers in representing children’s best interest, especially those that are abused, neglected and abandoned.

Robin was named the spokesperson for Girl Scouts in the US in September 2014. Her major focus here is to assist girls to discover their potential and be empowered. She has lent her voice in this mission. Other than the missions in which she has been chosen to be part of, McGraw has her own foundation, When Georgia Smiled. Through it, she has set out to bring about real change meant to help domestic violence victims and those who are sexually assaulted live full lives. The foundation came was launched in October of 2013. Its introduction program was The Aspire Initiative. This is a domestic program that aims to bring down to zero level if possible the rate of intimate violence in the US.

In November of 2014, her effort to bring change to her country was recognized and consequently she was named the Annual Knock Out Abuse Gala’s Honoree. The 21st annual event was held in Washington DC. The Starlight Foundation also recognized her role in helping raise funds for both children and women in real need.

Robin has been married to husband Dr. Phil for over 38 years. They have two boys; Jay, 34 and Jordan, 27. They talked about their love affair that began when Robin visited Phil’s sister. The little affair culminated into marriage that has blossomed with love all through the years. Robin is also the author of several inspirational books.

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A Review of Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Is the plan of losing some few extra pounds on diet and exercise working? With the latest trends in technology and with just a few bucks, you can be able to obtain a great workout machine which allows you to shed off some weight and maintain the body shape and maintaining the best fitness to achieving your fitness set goals.

The launch of the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill has introduced a more advanced, safe comfortable and efficient treadmill machine which is designed with two position inclines and six personal trainer workouts used effectively and without compromising the users’ safety and comfort.

Weslo cadence 340cs treadmillThe Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill is powered by a 2.25 HP Impulse motor which makes it the best workout equipment especially if you are seeking for a treadmill machine suitable for medium and light workout routines. It is important to consider a great working monitor while purchasing for a treadmill machines it is what runs the whole machine.

An effective all running monitor will allow your treadmill to perform best to allowing you to fully exercising your body and achieving your set fitness goals. The treadmill, when fully assembled, measures 64.5″ L x 29″ W x 55.5″ H with its running trend belt fitting the standard at measurements of approximately 16 x 50 inches. In addition, the equipment comes with the best suited deck size for regular workout routines in order to avoid accidental slipping while running or jogging on the treadmill. This allows you to perform your workout routines effectively and safely to maintaining fitness.

The treadmill is designed pre-loaded with six workout programs, making the device an important tool which allows for simple and easy mixing of exercise activities with the aim of focusing on fitness. The machine provides effective, secure real time information and accurate readings including information and readings on burned calories, speed, distance, pulse rate and time. These readings can be viewed on the tinted blue colored LCD display. The machine also has a cell cushioning system which enhances optimal comfort by absorbing impacts thus reducing joint strains.

Some of the advantages of the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill machine are great excellent workout features which allow users to keep track of their workout levels and achievements in order to push for greater levels to achieving their fitness goals. The machine is reliable and can easily be purchased in exercise retail shops and on online markets like Amazon or the official Weslo website at affordable price ranges. In addition, the tool comes with a one year warranty on the motor with ninety days warranty on labor and other parts more over, it comes with a thirty day money back guarantee after the purchase in case of dissatisfaction by the user. However, the tool is heavy and can be a bit difficult to relocate.

Certainly, you can be able to purchase various treadmill equipments although you may not be able to obtain one that offer varieties of features and at lower price ranges as the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill machine.

A Combination of Garcinia Cambogia and Neck Exercises

The neck acts as the bridge between the shoulders and the head. At least it creates that distinction, making it conspicuous. Without the neck, perhaps human beings would look like some kind of neck less creature, and it would not be pleasant at all.

While the neck is available for a variety of reasons, it may act as fat storage area in an obese or overweight person. When this happens, one may look rather unsightly and may not be too comfortable. Since the neck acts as a bridge between the head and the rest of the body, when it is stocked with too much fat, one will basically lack the comfort that comes with a slim neck.

Neck Exercises

Just like the other parts of the body, the neck gets bigger than usual when one is obese or fat. To get rid of this, you need to first of all look for ways of terminating that big weight. The best way to do this is by using a combination of neck exercises and Miracle garcinia cambogia to attack the fat stores and get rid of the stored fat.

Once your body is showing signs of getting back to the original size, you can then employ neck exercises that can easily get you a trim neck. And just like the face, butts and thighs, the neck cannot be adequately given enough exercise while one does the regular walks, jogs or runs.

There are special neck exercises that can terminate the neck fat. They include -

Aerobic exercises – they help in quick burning of fat. If you can spend at least 30 to 60 minutes each day running, jogging, hiking and riding, you will be able to get rid of excess calories. Remember the more vigorous the exercises, the faster the thick neck will become slimmer. Aerobic exercises are not specifically meant for the neck, but they melt fat all over the body.

Dangle neck – lie with the head hanging over the edge of the bed, then slowly lift up the head to let it be at the same level with the torso. Hold it for ten seconds per rep.

Closed mouth chew – stand straight looking towards the ceiling. Perform a closed mouth chew for 30 seconds per rep. Be consistent with these exercises so that you do not lose steam.

Pushups – pushups do not only strengthen the muscles on the neck but the other body parts as well. If you are a beginner, let them be short exercises that will slowly build intensity. This way, you limit accumulation of lactic acid behind the thighs and on the leg.

Swing neck – this is a very simple exercise that anyone can perform. Stand astride with the arms akimbo. Look at your left side for a minute or two before turning the head to the right. Try to look at your back as much as you can. Do not turn the head too frequently as this may lead to muscle pull on the neck.

All in all, as much as you try these exercises, try to reduce intake of foods rich in calories. Take plenty of water and maintain a regular exercise regimen. This way, your neck as well as other parts of the body will be toned down.

How Safe is Garcinia Cambogia?

Many people the world over are battling with weight gain or obesity. This is not a problem that began a few years back, it has been around for ages. It actually stems from too much consumption of fatty foods, little or no regard for an exercise regime and generally having no control of whatever we consume. Truth is; very few people wish to cook at home, giving rise to doubling of profits for businesspeople with fast food restaurants and food cafes. By consuming unhealthy meals, we also have to deal with heart related illnesses that come as a result of these weight problems. A number who have gone through the stigma attached to being overweight swear nothing is as dehumanizing as being huge.

Garcinia cambogia extract GNCThere are a variety of weight loss pills in drug stores, but none has created waves like Garcinia cambogia extract GNC. Many people continue to ask if garcinia cambogia is safe. We cannot deny the fact that the manufacturers will always campaign for their product. Whenever they introduce something new to the market, their main aim is to sell it in abundance and make maximum profit from it. There is also the Food and Drug Association that conducts tests on all consumer products to determine their safety before they are put into use. All these products have varying ingredients that react with different people in different ways.

With all these factors put into account, it is prudent to say that the FDA cannot allow a product into the market if its safety is not guaranteed. A number of people using garcinia cambogia extra reported its effectiveness within the brief period they took it. To be sure about its safety, it would be wise to know how it functions. Firstly, Garcinia Cambogia has HCA which stops the formation of fat cells by altering the whole process through which the body converts sugar composition in the liver. The substance is a diet suppressant as well, helping one eat less than whatever they would consume previously. Eating frequently is a major cause of obesity. If time for eating is moderated, the result is weight reduction.

Other than the energy this supplement provides to the body, it also boosts good sleep. Sleep is important to health in plenty of ways. If the supplement can boost sleep, it helps to alleviate tensions that may increase stress hence emotional eating. The pill goes further to relieve stresses caused by everyday life activities.

Garcinia cambogia improves the moods thereby making one jovial and not moody. All these facts are backed by scientific researches. On to the side effects, of course not everyone reacts the same way to varying substances. Garcinia cambogia extract may cause stomach cramps or nausea. Some individuals have reported cases of mild headaches. To be safe, it is always necessary to check with your medical practitioner before using a given supplement. Also remember results are always varied. If a friend loses weight within the first ten days, this may not be the same for you. At given times, lots of anxiety may hinder a substance’s positive reaction to your body.

Adding A New Dimension To Looks With Plastic Surgery

The use of plastic surgery as a tool to enhance looks and appearances has been in vogue for the past many decades. However, prior to this, plastic surgery was considered only when it was about reconstructing face and other parts of the body which could have been badly damaged by a fire accident or other such mishaps.

Plastic Surgery

However, today, it is perhaps more commonly used for cosmetic and beautification purposes when compared to being used for reconstruction of certain parts of the body of accident victims.

Let us start by having a look at the story of Linda Kozlowski. She is a mother of 8 and even today, she still looks very glamorous and sexy. What exactly is the story of her stunning looks? She has a wonderful figure, even at this age. While she must be taking a lot of pains to keep it that way, what attracts many of her admirers are her breasts.

However, the new-found attraction to her breasts has started only few months ago. This could be attributed to the fact that she has gone through a full breast augmentation surgery. It has certainly added a new feather in her cap and even at this age, she continues to ooze a lot of oomph. This is because of the new shape which she has given to her breasts.

Linda Evans is in her 70′s and she is a person who needs no introduction. However, because of her age, she had started developing wrinkles on her face and her eyes also had pockets of bulge, under them. This has perhaps prompted her to go in for a complete facial overall haul which could have involved rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid surgery, to name a few. There is no denying the fact that all these surgeries when looked at in totality, have brought in an amount of freshness and novelty in her looks.

The above are live examples as to how a well thought out facial and other surgeries can help a person (man and woman) to completely transform his or her looks. However, these plastic surgeries are easier said than done. There are a number of challenges and quite a few potential pit-falls along the way.

For many people, the body may not accept such plastic surgeries and the risk of side-effects and rejection should always be kept in mind. The recuperation period is usually negligible, but if there are side-effects, it could require bed rest and other treatments.

Hence, if you are busy person who cannot afford being out of action for too long, this point should always be on the top of your mind. You should do a through research about the pros and cons of such facial and other plastic surgeries before attempting it.